It is hard to breathe here right now due to the heavy smoke that fills our air. It is easy to be reminded that countless families are suffering great loss as a result of the fires burning around L.A. as we, who are not affected, cough and choke with them.

I always appreciate the reflections Don Johnson regularly offers on his blog, and it was gut-wrenching to read that in his church alone, ten families have lost everything: homes completely destroyed by the Montecito Fires. I was talking with a friend at church this morning and I remarked on how much that kind of loss for one family would impact a congregation, and the degree of displacement and disorientation that would come with that kind of loss for ten families seems unimaginable.

Please pray for the many people affected, and if you feel led to give, Montecito Covenant Church has a relief fund established for those facing loss, both within their church as well as throughout their community.

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