Our flower girl

Yesterday good friends of ours were married in a lovely ceremony in Pasadena. They asked Mercy to be one of their flower girls, and she performed her task beautifully. She didn’t make it very long up front, though. She and the other little flower girl were supposed to stand up with the bridesmaids until Daddy started the worship time, but a few minutes into the ceremony I caught her mouthing something to me where I sat in the second row. I motioned for her to stay where she was, which led her to annunciate with a bit more urgency: “Mom. I. Have. To. Go. Pee.”

I jumped up and made my way to the end of the aisle where she was already waiting, and with Elijah hanging on one side of me and my little poofy-dressed girl on the other, we hurried out of the sanctuary. We spent the rest of the ceremony hanging out in the back of the sanctuary in the largest kid-section I have ever seen in a wedding. There were a ton of infants and toddlers, and Mercy happily gave all the little girls turns with her flower girl basket and petals.

The day of the wedding, Mercy awoke with much excitement and anticipation for the day’s events. And one of the ways she expressed that was by setting up the wedding using some car tracks for the aisle and her princess figurines to represent the various members of the wedding party.


Mercy is the little Sleeping Beauty figurine standing up front with Snow White, the other little flower girl: I am the big Sleeping Beauty figurine, sitting in the pew. Her cousin, Jordan, is the little Cinderella with the other ring-bearer, Ariel.

I think my favorite were her choices for Pastor Kevin and the bride and groom:


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