5 thoughts on “Sign at the entrance of Costco tonight”

  1. It’s good to be home in cool Toronto. We have your weather – you can keep ours.

    BTW I can’t believe I missed saying goodbye on Saturday night.

  2. Yes, well, with thunderstorms and torrential rain while trying to load three kids into a van, it’s amazing we said goodbye to anyone! Although your beautiful wife did brave the elements to come and see us off. Can’t wait for the next Haub-Kinnon reunion!

  3. I’m trying to figure out where I was whilst the beautiful Imbi was off being relational. I’ll go for the ADD defense – aka – “an ever present help in times of trouble.”

    We just need to get the Haubs to Toronto, is all!

  4. You missed a pretty spectacular view of the thunderstorms at the Staub’s house that night! It was amazing. And yes, we will definitely need to figure out a way to get the fam. up to see you all!

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