She’s right

Driving home the other day, I passed by the fire station while a crew of firefighters were in some form of training involving a bunch of wrecked cars. It was kind of a spectacle and I shared about it with my kids when we drove past the location later that same day. I pointed out the crushed cars and told the kids that the firefighters train to be able to help rescue people in the case of a car accident.

“Mommy was once in a very bad accident where my car got crushed like that,” I told them soberly. “Only I was able to crawl out, and so was my best friend. We didn’t need to be rescued.”

And I added: “God really protected us and saved us that day.”

There was a moment of silence in the back seat before Mercy spoke: “Mommy, I know why God saved you.”

Mercy has had such a sensitivity of late to my role as pastor that I fully expected her response to be something about serving others or teaching people about Jesus.

“Why, Mercy?” I asked.

“Because you were going to have the most wonderful kids.”

5 thoughts on “She’s right”

  1. How different our world would be if all children knew they were loved and believed they were “wonderful”…

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