Good question, Mercy

We were driving home from the airport today, and after a stop by Fuller to visit Doug, a drive-by visit to the Troll, and a brief playtime at Woodland Park, we were close to home when I turned on the radio for the last minutes of the drive. The Mountain was playing INXS and I started singing along. The song was “Need You Tonight”, and the chorus goes like this:

“So slide over here, and give me a moment. Your moves are so raw, I’ve got to let you know, I’ve got to let you know.”

And the song ends with this: “So slide over here and give me a moment. I’ve got to let you know, I’ve got to let you know . You’re one of my kind.”

As the song ended, a voice piped up immediately from the back seat: “Mommy, why does he have to let us know?”

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